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Am I entitled to get paid if I missed a day because of storm Ophelia?

aarc opheliaAs the country recovers from the impact of storm Ophelia, minds turn to practical matters like pay and entitlements.

The answer to the above question depends to a large extent on who pulled the trigger first.

Did you tell your employer that you couldn’t get in to work due to storm Ophelia ? If that was the case, then your employer is not obliged to pay you.

Did your employer tell you that they were closed for the day due to storm Ophelia? In that case your employer would be obliged to pay you, unless the matter was covered differently in your employment contract.

Always check your contract.

An employer would have to give you a minimum of 24 hours notice to change your shift times and even longer to impose annual leave on you. It is unlikely that most employers had that much foresight, or forewarning.



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