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compliant filesThe day to day demands of running a business can often leave you with little time to carry out a full review of the employment law documents and procedures you use as an employer in Ireland.

The cost of having the wrong document or procedure can be great. Even something as simple as a job offer letter can create difficulty for you if it is not worded properly. Are your contracts of employment up-to-date? Are you maintaining the correct records for the right length of time?











An employment law full audit will review all of the documents and procedures which you use. You will then be advised of any areas where you may be in breach of current employment law legislation. One of our experienced experts will offer guidance on how to fix any areas which need attention.

We can tailor documents, contracts, procedures, job offers, to suit your individual needs.

With an audit from us, you need not fear an inspection from NERA . or from the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) 




The WRC carry out approximately 5,000 on site inspections annually. With that number of inspections taking place the odds are increasing that you will be inspected. Almost half of the inspections carried out by The Workplace Relations Commission are unannounced. That means they arrive at your door with no advance notice. Take this as advance notice and get a test audit carried out now by our experts and avoid the risk of prosecution.

We can work with you on a regular basis so that changes are embedded in your organisation and policies are kept up-to-date.

An employment law audit is a major step in pro actively reducing the chances of being sued by an employee.

It is better to avoid being sued. Even when you win an employment law case, you are left with the feeling that you have invested a lot of your precious time, defending an action which may have been avoided.

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