Gather the evidence

evidence stickerWhenever a breach of your employment rights occurs, it is important to gather the facts as soon as possible. Time passes. Evidence can disapear. Memory fades.

Write it down

It is vital to record what happened as soon as possible after the event. If you were dismissed,for example, write down what was said, who said it and to whom. It is detailed evidence that help win cases. Most unfair dismissal cases are won because the employer failed to follow the dismissal procedure correctly. By taking a note of everything thast happened, as soon as possible, it makes it easier for your employment law consultant to assess the strenghts and weaknesses of your case.

Keep the documents

Keep any document which was served on or sent to you. Your employment contract and any trelated documents are useful as are payslips etc. If in doubt bring it to us.

Time passes.

It can take a long time before your case is heard. By then your recollection of what happened may not be as accurate. It is also more persuasive if when the note is taken closer to the event.

I can see clearly now.

A breach of your rights can often be traumatic. A dismissal, a work injury, harassment, bullying at work, these can leave you emotionally drained. Going through the act of calmly writing down the details of the events can help you recall everything that happened. You are less likely to miss an important detail.

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