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tellyourstoryWhether you are an employee who believes that your employment rights have been affected by an action at work, or an employer who wants to ensure that no breach of employment law takes place, your story is important.

We have worked for employees and employers on different occasions. This gives us a great insight into the problems which can arise.

Tell us your story. Are you the subject of bullying and harassment at work? As an employer, are you facing the sad reality of having to make some of your workers redundant?

Whatever the circumstances tell us your story today. We will make sure that your rights are protected and enforced.


Proper representation is important. You need someone who can understand intricacies your particular circumstances and how to convey that to the tribunal members, rights commissioners or other decision makers.

Our principal has a degree in social science, is a former social worker, has twenty seven years experience as a practicing solicitor and over thirty years experience in employment law and negotiation.

Many cases settle before going to a full hearing.

We can fully represent you at all employment tribunals and hearings. We listen to you and make you story heard.

The result

The result is the important bit. We will help you to decide which result is best for you in the circumstances. The main outcomes involve the employee being either, reinstated re-engaged or recieving compensation. The more common result is compensation. We fight to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled under law. Talk to us today.


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