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keyboard and notepad with the banner details,details,detailsIf you believe that your employment rights are not being respected at work, e.g. you have been unfairly dismissed, we can help.

We offer three types of enquiry service.

Express enquiry

This is the best way to go. If your rights are being infringed then you are already under stress. You need to take action straight away, to reduce that stress. By taking the time to give us all of the details you are helping to improve your position. Many clients have found that the act of writing down the facts surrounding their case has helped them to see things more clearly. It certainly helps us to give you better advice.

If you need an answer in a hurry, maybe time is about to run out, or you have to make a decision in a short timeframe , you just want to get started on your claim,or you want to know if you have a claim, this is the best choice for you.


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 Book a video or telephone call

Do you need advice on an Irish employment law matter, such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, settlement agreement etc, but don't want to waste time ringing up to see if an appointment can be arranged for a date that suits, then having to take time off to travel to an office and wait to be seen?  The good news is, there is a better way. Using our online booking service, you can see a diary of available appointment slots. Just follow the steps. Choose the one that suits you best.You can book it there and then. Book an online video or telephone consultation with an employment law consultant now. Today.


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A simple enquiry

This is where you want to ask a short question and you only need a short answer. When completing this please supply as much detail as possible, that way, when we contact you we will have had time to consider the subject matter of your enquiry. Don’t just write “contact me” and expect us to know what you are enquiring about. Remember, the simple enquiry, is just that, it does not claim to give you the definitive legal opinion on your case.  It is designed to give you the peace of mind that you can consult with an expert to get guidance on what to do next, for free (subject to our terms and conditions)

The initial time limited consultation is free. If you want us to act on your behalf we will agree the fee with you in advance of taking any action. That way you do not get any unexpected bills.

Do not use this enquiry service if you need an answer in a hurry. This is for enquiries which are not time sensitive. We, understandably, give priority to our priority enquiry service users. See green button above.



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Hand holding small clockThe clock is ticking !!!

The major factor in all of these enquiry forms is time.

You must make your claim to the Workplace Relations Commission within six months.

Don’t put off making your enquiry. Time is running against you.

It takes time to put a claim together.

Time favours the employer.

Let us help you. Enquire now.

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