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Have I a claim?

Act Now. There are strict time limits

aarc new woman covers her mouth with hand freedom of speech concept400blThe answer to this depends on a number of factors. Have your employment rights been breached? What are the circumstances? Are you in time to make a claim?

Am I in time to make a claim?

Time limits are strict. They usually begin to run from the date your employment ended,or from the incident in dispute. In most cases there is a strict six months time limit. If you try to make your claim outside this period, it will be rejected.

How do I calculate the date on which my employment ended?

It is not always the date on which you leave your place of employment. You may be entitled to dismissal notice. This would take the date of dismissal past the date on which you left your former workplace. For example, a worker who has been working with his current employer for three years is told on the 1st of March to leave the premises as he is no longer required. He had two weeks holidays due to him and under the minimum notice and terms of employment acts 1973 – 2005 he is entitled to 2 weeks minimum notice. This is also his notice entitlement as per his contract of employment. This adds a further 2 weeks to his date of dismissal. If he brings a claim on 12th September, he is still within the six month period from date of dismissal.

It is very important to make a claim as soon as possible so that you do not miss the deadline.

What information should I have to help complete the form?

It is always useful to provide a copy of your contract of employment, recent payslips, any written correspondence relevant to the dispute, a copy of your P45, any document which proves the identity of your employer. Don't delay filling out the form, however. If you do not have some documents, just say so on the form and get them later. Remember the sooner you submit the form the sooner we can start to help you.

Which enquiry form should I use?

We have provided two forms for your choice.

The first form is the short version. This is for a simple straight forward enquiry. Fill it out as best you can and we will contact you to advise on your next step.






The second form is the express enquiry form. This is more detailed and is a priority service.. We encourage you to use the second form, especially if time is running out. Please provide as much detail as possible as it helps us advise you sooner.


If you just want to contact us then use the confidential call back button and we will contact you at a time that suits.

How soon will you contact me after I submit the form?

We promise to contact you within one working day after you submit the form.

We will try to contact you as soon as possible, but always within one working day of the submission of the form.



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