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How to get the best from the service we offer


Getting the best advice is directly related to asking the right questions.

When you are feeling stressed because of a situation at work, or a pending dismissal or other breach of your employment rights, it can be difficult to organise your thoughts when seeking advice.

Make a note of the points on which you need information .

Check out our website for information on the topic. Does that answer your question? If yes, great, if no then you need to supply information as to how your case is different and what answers you are seeking.

Tell your story in a logical manner. Keep it simple.

Which service should I use?

If your question is straight forward with a simple answer then use the free consultation service.

If however, as is the case in the majority of enquiries, your question relates to a number of factors and may involve calculations and a review of the law, then the express enquiry service is the one for you.

I suppose the real test is how important is the query? If you think that you may have a claim against your employer, then you will want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your case is being examined by experts. Too many employee claims are lost because the employee filled out the claim form themselves and either claimed under the wrong area of law or falied to claim under all of the areas that were open to them.

We are an independent employment law consultancy. We are not a government funded agency. We have bills to pay like everyone else. By using the express enquiry service, you get the benefit of over thirty five years experience in employment law, for a very reasonable price. We are happy to help.








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