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Temporary time out to provide full time care

aarc motherandson4If you wish to leave your employment on a temporary basis in order to provide full time care for someone in need of full time care, you can do so with the benefit of the Carer's Leave Act 2001, provided you meet the criteria set out therein.


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What are the criteria for availing of Carer's leave?

  • You must have worked for your employer for a continuous period of 12 months.

  • The person you wish to care for must be deemed to be in need of full time care and attention by a deciding officer of the Department of Social Protection. The GP of the person to be cared for, will provide medical information on which the officer will make an informed decision.

  • The person you wish to care for must require either continuous supervision and frequent assistance throughout the day in connection with their normal needs or in order to avoid causing a danger to themselves.

  • The person receiving the care does not have to be a relative.

You can download a Guide to the Carer's leave Act here;


How do I apply for Carer's Benefit?

You can download the application form here ;. You will need to ask the family doctor of the person you propose to care for, to complete the appropriate sections of the form. Your employer will also have to complete the section confirming that you you are an employee with the requisite time served.

Send the completed form to the Carers Benefit section at the Department of Social Protection. The Department will make the necessary assessment.


Notice of intention to take carer's leave

Not less than six weeks notice must be given to your employer of your intention to take Carer's leave.

This notice must be in writing and provide the following information:

  • Specified commencement date

  • How you intend to take the leave (one block or more)

  • That you have applied to the Department of Social Protection for a decision that the person to be cared for qualifies under the scheme.


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What should I do when my application for Carer's leave has been approved?

At least two weeks before you intend to start carer's leave, you and your employer must confirm the arrangement. Each of you signs a document which outlines the details of the arrangement, e.g. start date, how long it will last, how many blocks of time, etc. Your employer keeps the signed document and gives you a copy.


While on Carer's leave

Youi may work while on carer's leave up to 15 hours, subject to conditions. You will get credited social insurance contributions. Your employment rights are not affected. You will be treated as if you were at work for the 13 week period.

You are protected against penalisation. more


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