Jury Service

Paid or unpaid

The Four Courts DublinA citizen of Ireland is entitled to be tried by Judge and jury for most major criminal offences and some specific civil cases, for example Defamation.

There are rules and regulations governing the whole area of Jury service enshrined in legislation.

We deal in this article with the question of getting paid for Jury service.

Am I entitled to get paid for Jury service?

You do not get any payment for Jury service. If you are an employee, your employer must allow you to attend for jury service. The time spent by you on jury service is to be treated as time at work, if it involves time away from your employment. Therefore, your pay and any other benefits will continue to accrue. The County Registrar will provide a certificate of attendance if requested.

If you are self employed, you may be excused from jury service if you can show that you will be prevented from earning a living as a result of attending for jury service.


  The Juries Act 1976 Download here

  The Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008 - Part 6 (Juries) Download here

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