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Your employment rights

Use them or lose them


woman covers her mouth with hand freedom of speech conceptYour rights as an employee are protected under a wide range of legislation in Ireland.

You are entitled to the following:


  • a contract of employment

  • Pay in line with the national minimum wage,

  • Work time and rest periods in line with the working time legislation

  • a detailed payslip, which outlines any deductions which have been made from your wages

  • Time off, Public holidays and working time acts

  • Notice

  • Safe place of work

  • To be treated fairly. Procedures must be in place to ensure this.

  • Time off to care for a person who is deemed to need permanent full time care in accordance with the Carers Leave Act 2001.

If you feel your rights have been breached you can complain to the Rights Commissioner or Employment appeals tribunal.

For a more detailed explanation of any of these employment rights under Irish law just click on the contact us button button , and we will contact you at a time that suits. 


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