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What to do when it’s time to decide

man in window drinking coffee trying to decideWhen you have been dismissed from work, it can take a while before you start to think of the future in any detail. Your thoughts are centred on coping with the day to day adjustments that follow the loss of a job. Adjusting to a new routine. Wondering how that happened. Looking for a new job. All that paperwork.
Eventually the mist clears and you start to wonder, was my dismissal fair?

Why was I chosen to be the one who’s job ended ? Did my employer follow all of the correct procedures? What are the correct procedures when dismissing an employee ? Where can I get information on unfair dismissal in Ireland ? Where can I get free help and guidance on what to do next?






You may put off taking any further action for a while because your confidence has taken a hit following the dismissal. In time the realisation that you may have been unfairly dismissed causes you to find out what your legal rights are and what action you can take to protect them.
Our advice is to take action as soon as possible. Find out whether or not you have a case. If you do not have a claim, it is better to find that out early and move on. If you do have a claim, it is good to take action as early as possible, receive compensation and start afresh.
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We offer a free time limited consultation. You simply contact us with the details of you dismissal and we get in touch with you at a time that suits to discuss whether you have grounds for an unfair dismissal claim or not.
Remember also, the time to decide is limited. You must have a full claim submitted within six months of your date of dismissal. It takes time to prepare a claim, so act now and get on the road to recovery. Click on the orange Yes! Tell Me More button below and take charge.



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