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Employer’s Checklist for WRC ( Formerly NERA) Inspections

Below you will find a handy employer’s checklist for a WRC (Workplace Relations Commission ) formerly NERA (National Employment Rights Authority) inspection. Just fill it in, click on the "Yes! I would like the results of this FREE audit " button and we will contact you to discuss the results of this FREE audit.

1. Do you have your employer’s registration number with the Revenue Commissioners?
2. Have you a list of all your employees together with their PPS numbers and addresses?
3. Have you the dates of commencement of employment for all employees? (And dates of termination if applicable?)
4. Have you given all your employees a written statement of terms and conditions of employment?
5. Have you the employees’ job classification?
6. Have you a record of their annual leave and public holidays taken by each employee?
7. Have you a record of hours worked for all employees?
8. Have you a record of all payroll details?
9. Can you prove that you provide your employees with a written statement of pay?
10. Have you a record or register of all employees under the age of 18?
11. Have you employment permits where applicable?
12. Have you filled out the template letter details that you will receive from WRC ( formerly NERA ) advising you of the inspection?

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