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How can I fund my case ?

A number of flexible options

keyboard planning the costNobody wants to be hit with a large unexpected bill. That is why we believe it is important to discuss the proper funding of your case with you.

We have a number of flexible options available. We will outline them in brief below. When we have fully assessed your case we will advise you on the plan which best suits your individual circumstances.

What is “No Win No Fee” ?

Under a “No Win No Fee” arrangement if you lose your case you do not have to pay your legal fees due to ERA employment Rights Advice.

If you win your case then ERA employment rights advice is entitled to be paid its legal fees due from the damages (compensation) you receive.

This arrangement is not suitable for every case.

To find out if you qualify, please contact us today using the blue contact us button above.

What is the part payment scheme?

Under this scheme you are entitled to pay part of the fee by way of an advance payment of €1000. You will be quoted a fixed fee, the balance of which will become due and payable from the proceeds of any damages (compensation) which may be awarded to you.

This is a very useful way of funding your claim. It gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that part payment secures the services of an experienced expert and there are not surprises in the bill.

The Monthly Payment Plan

Under this option you will be quoted a fixed fee. The payments are divided into a deposit and affordable monthly payments. If your case takes longer than anticipated or additional costs are incurred, these will be taken from any award made to you.

Under this arrangement the costs remain payable by you even if your case is not successful. It is designed to ease the cost of payment by splitting it into a deposit plus six affordable monthly amounts.

Contact us todayusing the orange Yes! Tell Me More button below, to discuss which plan suits you best.


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