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Implementing Redundancy Course


In this eLearning course we look at what constitutes a redundancy, what steps can be taken in order to try and avoid it, and the legal definition. You will learn how to go about implementing a redundancy process from the beginning to the end. The importance of having a plan and following it, in order to avoid claims for unfair dismissal. You will learn about the consultation process, fair selection criteria, notice periods and calculating redundancy payments





    Course details: 

    • What is redundancy?

    • Avoiding redundancies

    • What the law says

    • Consultation

    • Importance of consultation

    • Types of consultation

    • The selection process

    • Establishing a pool

    • Fair and unfair criteria

    • Notice and pay

    • Notice entitlements

    • Redundancy payments


    • Quizzes, tests of knowledge
    • Personalised Certificate of completion




    After completing this course you should have the knowledge and skills to:

    • Gain an understanding of Redundancy and how it is applied in your work

    • Understand the legal requirements for Redundancy

    • Be more skillful when engaging in the consultation process..

    • Be confident of selecting the right candidate for redundancy

    • Understand fair and unfair processes

    • Learn how to calculate redundancy payments

    • Add to your managerila skills base..




    Benefits of the course

    With the current covid-19 restrictions in place, the fact that the course is available online is essential. The course is presented using a variety of media including, video lectures, slides, reading material, quizzes and questionnaires to test and enhance the participant's knowledge of each topic. You can only move on to the next topic if you pass the previous one. Multiple attampts are allowed. A course completion certificate issues to the successful participant. This gives the individual confidence in their new skills and also proves that the employer has provided the necessary training. Proper training is essential when it comes to reducing the risks involved in implementing Redundancy at work.


    This implementing redundancy course is aimed at business owners and managers. It will help you carry out the difficult task of making staff redundant at work. The current financial pressures placed on businesses by the pandemic is forcing many managers to consider making staff members redundant. This can be a traumatic time for the manager/business owner as well as the employee being let go. By completing the course you will learn how to deal with the situation as a professional. By completing the various quizzes you will gain confidence and skills. Knowing that you are following the right procedure can be of comfort in these challenging times.



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