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Employer’s Free Online Employment Law Audit

Below you will find a handy employment law online audit checklist . Just fill it in, click on the "Yes! I would like the results of this FREE audit " button and we will contact you to discuss the results of this FREE audit.

This checklist is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be seen as such.

1. Have you issued a statement of terms and conditions of employment to your staff within 2 months of commencement?
2. Do you have a disciplinary and grievance procedure in place and have you given it to your employees within 28 days of beginning employment?
3. Do you have a Health and Safety statement?
4. Do you keep records on hours of work for each employee (including starting and finishing times, meal breaks and rest periods)?
5. Do you understand what type of behaviour constitutes bullying or harassment in the workplace and have you put a policy in place to deal with it?
6.Do you differentiate between part time, temporary staff and permanent staff?
7. Do you know how to deal with absences?
8. Are you employees given a pay slip for each period of remuneration and do you keep a copy?
9. Do you have an effective probationary review process in place?
10. Are your staff aware of the consequences of being absent from work and the procedure they must follow?
11. Are you aware of the maximum working hours per week and required rest periods?
12. Do you have a register of employees under 18 years of age?
13. Are contracts / statements of terms signed and dated by or on behalf of the employer?
14. Do you have an internet/social media policy in place ?
15. Have you employment permits where applicable?

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